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20170428_094739(1)Sehr fein, was sich in Grossbritannien tut. Aus dem neuesten Newsletter der „Mindfulness Initiative“ mit vielen vielen Links:

„October’s momentous Mindfulness in Politics event saw 40 politicians from 14 countries gather in Parliament to practice mindfulness together, guided by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It was thrilling to witness group inquiry into the potential of mindfulness in policymaking and the political process, and to be surrounded by such deep commitment to human wellbeing across the world.

We were heartened by the nationwide conversation that the event generated – our place in the news cycle secured in no small measure by the now notorious ablutions of Tim Loughton MP. Column inches from The Times‘ front page to The Guardian and The Telegraph covered mindfulness in politics with welcome candour – we secured a front-page feature in the Guardian’s G2 magazine, and even a brush with Have I Got News For You left us unscathed. (Our thanks to Tim for taking the heat with characteristic good humour and helping to move the debate forward.) BBC5 Live interviewed politicians, and invited Chris Cullen to guide listeners in a short meditation broadcast to the nation and beyond. (A full list of media coverage can be found here.)“

 Mindfulness in the Media

UK media coverage of mindfulness since our last update (not including pieces about the international conference, which can be found here):


Kids, Education



Science, Digital & Tech


„If in the past 50 years I had found something more meaningful, more healing, more transformative and with more potential social impact, I would be doing that.“
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Guardian G2, 22nd October 2017

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